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Prep your garden now for success later

Do you get an early spring fever to buy garden inputs — only to give up mid-summer due to poor crop health or a lost battle with weeds?

Your horoscope

If your birthday is today: Knowledge is power. Learning all you can will lead to greater opportunities and connections that will come in handy in the future. Stay on top of your finances and any pending legal matters or settlements.…

Spring garden seminar planned in Dubuque

The Dubuque County Master Gardeners will hosting a spring garden seminar to “Spring into Gardening” from 7:30 a.m. to noon Saturday April 6, at the NICC Town Clock Business Center, 700 Main St.


Cedar Rapids

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Great ground cover for the tri-states: Shaded areas

Editor’s note: Ground cover can reduce landscape maintenance and add variety. This is the fourth in a series of eight articles that combines fact-based Extension information (from ISU and states bordering Iowa) with experience maintaining ground cover for four different…

Travel tips: What children can learn through travel

As you and your children begin to navigate the planet together, sharing your knowledge, while teaching them to make their way, will create confidant and compassionate travelers for the future.

Tucker: Island Nation stands head and shoulders above U.S.

The United States used to be the nation that others around the world admired — the trend-setter, the standard-bearer, the first among equals. But we’ve given away our place at the head of the table. Now those of us who…