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 SmartTown™ from Cascade Communications.

Possibilities. Everywhere You Go.

Built on the fastest and most reliable fiber connections designed specifically for your home and business, SmartTown extends this exceptional connectivity into the community. Imagine stepping outside and seamlessly connecting to the internet without the need to worry about draining your mobile data plan or dealing with sketchy, unreliable public guest WiFi networks.

Connections Matter!


You’ll be connected to your secure home WiFi service provided by Cascade Communications.


As you leave your home, you can be confident you’ll have a secure WiFi connection at your destination.


You’ll seamlessly connect to the SmartTown network everywhere Cascade Communications has added access points.

SmartTown ensures that you can enjoy high-speed, secure internet access around your community whether you are at the local parks, visiting downtown, or enjoying a day at the pool. This advanced network infrastructure provides a seamless Wi-Fi internet connection enriching your daily activities and keeping you connected with the world around you.

Your Community Just Got Way More Connected!

Wi-Fi on the Go
With SmartTown, you can experience the freedom of reliable connectivity while out in your community.

Seamless Connectivity
Enjoy a seamless Wi-Fi connection, so no matter if you are downtown and then head to the park for a ballgame or music, you will stay connected.

Secure. Always
Cascade Communications SmartTown includes network security to keep you secure and safe online.

It is important that we have a current email address for you to be invited to join SmartTown. If you have any questions or need to update your email address, please call our office or email at 

Click here to view the SmartTown Terms & Conditions. To view the Blast Wi-Fi Plus Terms of Service, click here.  

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